Aazee.com as name implies it is technical platform about Technology focusing on mainly Android. It has everything related to android. It contains every solution to your Android problems. Along with solution it gives you latest updates, how to guides, apps, tips, Custom ROMs, Rooting tutorials and system tweaks. It is also an alternative to Google Play Store as it provides you direct download links to apk files of your favorite app.

Our Purpose of Making Aazee

As we all know there are alot of websites like us giving android apk download, reviews, tips etc. Then why another new site? there is a reason, all other sites mostly copy each other content and republish it, same is the case with apk or app download sites which just give download links already available from Google Play Store.

But we want to provide value to our precious visitors, for that we made Aazee.com where you will find collection of only best app or apks. Here we first test each app personally and if we think it full fills our quality criteria only then we make it a part of our website.

Same is the case with Howto guides and reviews on Aazee.com we only provide those howto guides and solutions which we first personally test and make sure its working.

We do all that hard work only because we believe its important to provide significant valuable content to our visitors.

Now let’s begin our team introduction:

Syed Aamir Pervaiz – Founder

Like all other, my parents wanted me to be a doctor, engineer, or pilot but my soul always rest somewhere else. Aside from professionalism and money race, my dream was to achieve a special target. A target that aims to help other along with self-satisfaction. I spend my entire life counter to prevalent customs & traditions. When my all friends in school selected medical, I was the only one to go for computer science and that was the first time my interest developed in computers. After this, everything related to computers automatically becomes the part of my journey. This passion get boost when I entered in the smartphone world. My IT and Smartphone technology zeal results in the creation of Aazee.com.

Although I know that I cannot be a Bill-gates or Steve jobs but I hold my dreams to put my share and want to stand somewhere high in the blogging world. My journey that begins from high school computer lab will not end here. It will keep growing with my dreams.

Zahid Rafique – Editor-in-chief

Though I am textile engineer by profession but seriously I was never interested in being an engineer. I was always fond of computer world and always find joy in playing with new gadgets & technology. I always feel misfit in textile world so when my friend share his thoughts about android platform I, without any hesitation join him. First it was just for fun but later on it become my passion. I quit my lucrative job and now I am giving my whole time to this blog with the aim to provide all android users a trustworthy material and to get name in the blogging world.

If you are facing any kind of problem and want us to come up with its working solution please do ask us by commenting in the comment box or by contacting us through email.