Download Kingo root Apk Latest version 2.5 For Android

Download Kingo root apk, latest version v 2.5, from the link given below and get the most powerful, latest, simple and one click rooting tool for your android. Enjoy root access or admin permissions and become master of your android with this easy to use root tool. Kingo root is the easiest and fastest one click root master for your android that supports almost every device with guaranteed highest success rates. Get system level access, block Ads, boost device speed, preserve your battery or uninstall bloatware with this free to use android rooting software.

Kingo Root Description

Kingo root is one among the best, graphically interfaced, one click root tool that supports almost every Android device and version. This powerful root software can root any of your device with quite ease just by a single click and is super easy to use. The root process with Kingo root is reversible and you can un-root your rooted device. It is a must have companion for every android user making them master of their devices.

Kingo Root Apk v 2.5

Rooting allows you to remove bloatware or pre-installed apps, customizing device’s appearance, installing custom ROMs, increasing speed or to install premium apps that needs root access. It is a universal tool that supports various android devices, tablets or mobiles, and is capable to root all of them with a single click. The tool is easy to use, safer for your devices, powerful, tested, widely supported, stable and most importantly free to use with no Ads or annoying popups at all. Given below are some of the features of kingo root apk.

Kingo root 1.4.0 download

Kingo Root Features

  • Better and Faster performance.
  • Boost battery life.
  • Customizable in appearance.
  • Admin level permissions.
  • Un-rooting option, process is reversible.
  • Free from Ads or Popups.
  • Speeds up your device.
  • Unlock hidden features.
  • Widely supported.
  • Block Ads.
  • Uninstall bloatware.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Free to download.

Kingo Root Apk download

Download Link for Kingo root Apk V 1.4.0

It is not available on Google play store, however a direct downloading link is provided below to download it instantly. Use your PC to download the tool and then root your Android.

Download Link: Download For Pc (Exe File)

For the apk file please scroll down to the android root procedure.

Kingo root, Rotting Android On PC

Follow some simple steps to install and use kingo root apk to root your Android devices.

  1. Download Kingo root from the link to your Windows PC.
  2. Install the tool and launch it to use for rooting process.
  3. Enable USB debugging of your Android device.
  4. Connect your device with PC via USB cable.
  5. It will automatically detect your device.
  6. Click “Root” and wait a while.
  7. Click “Finish” when you get the message “Root succeed”
  8. Your device will reboot.
  9. Voila, your device has been successfully rooted.

Kingo Root Apk – Android Root Method

Kingo android root can also be downloaded directly on your Android. Use below link to get Kingo Android root apk file directly on your android. The Kingo root apk file format will allow you to root your device directly without using your PC. Install Kingo root apk file the same way as you install other apk files, open it and click “root” to start rooting process. After successful root, your device will reboot.

Download link Kingo Android root Apk V 2.5

Version: 2.5: Download

Kingo root apk covers wide range of Android from 1.5 to 5.0 versions and is compatible with all of your devices. feel free to share your experience by adding a comment below. If you want to support us, do like us on Facebook, Google+ or follow us on twitter.

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