How To Break Pattern Lock On Android

In this tutorial “How to break pattern lock on Android”, you are about to know the solution of one of our common problems of android devices. Many of Android users use pattern lock as a security to keep their devices safe and to avoid any misuse of the device by their kids or sometimes by friends. Personal phones or Tabs usually keep most of our personal data like family photographs, Messages and contacts and it’s a smart thinking to keep them safe. But what to do when you forget the pattern lock operates on specific sequence of touches usually being set by the owner/user from location and security option in android phone “Settings” menu. The user can draw the pattern of choice and it will be saved as screen lock. To unlock the device, user has to redraw the same pattern on start screen every time. but what to do if the user forget the pattern?How to Break Android Lock Pattern

The device will remain locked and nothing can be done. To restore the situation, A tutorial is provided in the next few lines on How to break pattern lock on Android.

Given below is some set of instructions to be followed to unlock the device again.

How to break pattern lock on android

  1. Remove your memory card to save the data stored in it.
  2. Power off your android device.
  3. Hold Volume button and press power button for 15 sec.
  4. Android system recovery will be opened.
  5. Select factory reset/wipe data with the help of your volume keys to move up/down.
  6. Press power button to select.
  7. Your mobile will be power off and will restart soon.
  8. Complete your desired information again like time, contacts etc.
  9. Please be informed that while resetting your phone or Tab, to factory reset, you will lose any data like contacts, sms, themes etc.


hope you find “How to break pattern lock on Android” a useful technique to restore your locked devices. Feel free to comment in the comment box.

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