Download CCleaner For PC, Mac Or Android

Download CCleaner for PC, MAC or Android from the links given below and explore the popular, powerful and instant cleaning tool, CCleaner for PC, MAC or Android, for your system to remove unwanted files, safe and secure browsing and make your device run faster than never before. Download CCleaner free versions for PC or MAC, or CCleaner Apk 1.09.36 and get free CCleaner app to your systems or Android smart devices.

CCleaner For PC, MAC or Android Description

CCleaner is a popular application and a must have cleaning tool for your Android, PC or Mac systems that is available in 47 languages around the Globe for PC, Mac and Android OS.

CCleaner is basically a utility programe, developed by Pirifrom, that is used to clean the unwanted files left by certain programes like Internet explorer, Firefox, Google chrome, Opera, Microsoft office, Sun Java, Adobe flash player etc along with browser history, cookies, Log files, System caches, Application data and various other data sources of your system or smart devices. CCleaner can also uninstall programes or modify the list of programes that usually execute on start up.

CCleaner screenshot

CCleaner removes unwanted files from your system or android devices allowing them to run faster by freeing up the precious hard disk space and allows you to keep your security by removing traces of your online browsing activities or browser history to secure your privacy. With it’s junk cleaning and free registry features, CCleaner can keep your system clean and optimized.

CCleaner For PC, MAC or Android

Given below is a brief description and download links for CCleaner for PC, MAC or Android. You can check the version that suits you or can download CCleaner for PC, MAC or Android for free.

CCleaner For PC

CCleaner for PC is the best tool for cleaning PC that protects privacy and makes your computer run faster and more secure than ever. This easy to use, one click cleaning tool can optimize your computer in seconds.

CCleaner for PC ,MAC or Android screenshot

Some Features Of CCleaner For PC 

  • Faster Computer

With the passage of time or continuous usage, your computer collects unused files and settings that can take much hard drive space making it slower and slower. CCleaner cleans up these files and will make it faster instantly.

  • Safer Browsing

When you browse the internet, Advertisers and websites track your behavior online with cookies that remains on your computer. CCleaner for PC erases your browser history along with cookies to keep your privacy. So any internet browsing you do will remain confidential and your identity remains anonymous.

  • Less Errors & Crashes

Over the time, broken settings or errors can clutter your registry that may lead to app crashes. CCleaner’s patented registry cleaner clears out this clutter and makes your PC more stable.

  • Quicker Startup

When you start up your computer, many programs run silently in the background. CCleaner helps you get to work, or play faster and allows you to simply disable these unneeded programs. It can uninstall or modify list of programes that execute on start up.

CCleaner For PC

Download CCleaner For PC

CCleaner for PC free version can be downloaded from the link given below, however if you need some extra or premium features you can also buy CCleaner Professional or CCleaner Professional Plus.

CCleaner for Pc v5.04.5151 link: Download

CCleaner For MAC

CCleaner is the number-one tool for cleaning your Mac makes it run faster. It also protects your privacy online and makes your MAC computer more secure. This easy to use, one click cleaning tool can also optimize your MAC in seconds.

CCleaner for MAC

Some Faetures Of CCleaner For MAC v 1.09.313

  • Improved OS X (10.10) Yosemite compatibility.
  • Added Safari 8 cleaning.
  • Improved Startup Item Management.
  • Improved Cookie Manager.
  • New System and Browser monitoring (Professional only).
  • Added Social Media links.
  • Minor GUI improvements.
  • Minor bug fixes.

CCleaner MAC screenshot

Download CCleaner For MAC

link CCleaner v 1.09.313: Download for MAC

CCleaner For Android (CCleaner Apk)

CCleaner Apk is the android version of CCleaner tool by Piriform. This powerful cleaning tool can Remove junk, reclaim space, monitor your system and browse safely. Become the Master of your own device with the ultimate cleaning app for your Android. With CCleaner Apk on your Android you can optimize and clean, reclaim storage space, monitor your system and run your Android faster than ever. This easy to use, one click cleaning tool can optimize your Android in seconds.

CCleaner For Android 1.09.36

Some Features Of CCleaner Apk For Android 

  • Speed up your phone and remove junk safely
  • Clean application cache, download folders, browser history, clipboard content and more
  • Delete call logs and SMS messages individually, in bulk, by age or by contact
  • Streamline your Android smartphone or tablet
  • Quickly and easily uninstall multiple unwanted applications
  • Free up valuable storage space on your device
  • Optimize your Android in just a few clicks
  • Simple, intuitive user interface which is easy to navigate
  • Totally free from Ads and clutter
  • Fast, compact and efficient with low memory and CPU usage
  • Check the usage of your CPU
  • Keep track of your RAM and internal storage space
  • Check out your battery levels and temperature

CCleaner Apk for Android

Download CCleaner For Android v 1.09.36

You can download CCleaner Apk v 1.09.36 from the Google Play store, however a direct link is also provided for instant downloading.

Link For CCleaner apk v 1.09.36: Download

Get CCleaner for PC, MAC or Android downloaded on your device and make them run faster. Feel free to share your experience with CCleaner for PC, MAC or Android by adding a comment below.

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