Download Flappy Bird Apk Latest Version V 1.3 On Android

Download Flappy bird Apk, latest version V 1.3, from the link given below and enjoy the most addictive mobile game on your android. Flap your wings to fly, tap screens to remain higher, avoid pipes and start an endless journey of entertainment with Flappy bird apk download on your Android. Direct your bird and pass as many pipes as you can, avoid contact with pipes on the way and make higher and higher scores with a target to get all four medals. The Game will only end, if you make a contact with any of pipe on your way, otherwise move forward and keep increasing your score.

Flappy Bird Description

Flappy Bird is an interesting, addictive and one among the most downloaded mobile games, developed by Vietnam-based developers. The basic game play is all about controlling a bird that is attempting to fly between rows of green pipes and players have to prevent it from being contacted with the pipes. The main objective of players is to direct a flying bird, called “Faby”by the developers, that is continuously flying towards right, between sets of pipes, and is to avoid “Faby” touching these pipes in it’s way. If by any means, the bird touches any of the pipes, there will be an end of the game.

Flappy Bird Apk v 1.3

The bird will flap upward by tapping the screen, otherwise the gravity will let the bird fall down and the game will end. Within the game, players are awarded scores depending upon the number of pipes player/bird passes successfully. The game never ends, raising your score higher and higher, with some distinctions like bronze, silver , Gold and platinum medals etc.

Flappy bird download

So players, flap your wings and get ready for an endless entertainment on your android by downloading Flappy bird apk. Don’t concentrate on score, try to pass as many pipes as you can, the score will automatically rise.

Flappy bird Apk Download V 1.3 On Android

The Flappy bird apk is not available on Google play store to download. The game has been removed due to it’s addictive nature and over usage, as of Wikipedia (provide link) but we are having a direct downloading link of Flappy bird apk v 1.3 for you to download the game instantly on your Android devices.

Flappy Bird Game Link: Download 

Flappy bird apk requires Android 2.2 and above for its installation and is compatible with all of your devices. Feel free to share your experience with Flappy bird apk by adding a comment below. If you want to support us, do like us on Facebook or Google+ or follow us on Twitter.

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