Fix Unfortunately Facebook messenger Has Stopped On Your Android

Read the post, “How to fix Unfortunately Facebook messenger has stopped on your Android” from start to an end, Learn How to fix unfortunately Facebook messenger has stopped on your Android through an easy step by step guide and get it done, positively, by yourself.

Facebook messenger is one of the most popular, useful and must be app these days for smart devices. People use Facebook messenger to share images, location and text conversations with all of their friends and family on popular social network Facebook. Facebook has Stopped on androidThe app allows you to add several recipients and open chat windows to communicate with several people at the same time.You can also make VOIP voice calls within the application itself. Facebook messenger’s Stickers are also  fun to personalize your conversations and will help you bring your conversations to life. Send photos and videos with one tap and send messages to people outside Facebook with no charges at all. unfortunately facebook messenger has Stopped

Happy with Facebook messenger and suddenly gets a message “unfortunately Facebook messenger has stopped” when opening the app, no need to worry, follow some simple steps from the guide “How to fix unfortunately Facebook messenger has stopped on your Android” and let it be done.

How to fix Unfortunately Facebook messenger has stopped on your Android.

Follow these steps or choose the options given in the end to make Facebook messenger Live again on your Android.

  • Open “Settings” Menu of your Android device.
  • Go to “General” on the top and tap it.
  • Tap on “Application Manager” from the list.
  • Find “All Application or All” through left swipes.
  • You will find there all of your Installed Apps list. Search for “messenger” and Tap on it.
  • Go for a tap on “Clear Cache” and “Clear data”.Facebook Messenger Stopped unfortunately solution
  • After all these taps, move back to your home screen and Restart your device.
    That’s it, it’s all done.

If, by chance, you find the above method not working on your Android,then you have to uninstall the Facebook messenger once and re-install the latest updated version from Google Play. If by any means the same issue is still ahead ,you should think to install an old version of Facebook messenger in your device.

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