How to Fix Unfortunately Showbox has stopped (quicker solution)

This could be the greatest news for all Showbox lovers that the app has been updated recently with an awesome interface. But updating the app can be a nightmare as you will probably face “Unfortunately Showbox has stopped” on your android. Many users are found stuck to the same problem and are searching for the solution.

To get the solution read our latest post, “Unfortunately Showbox has stopped, Get it Fixed Now” from start to an end, find an easy and tested technique for “Unfortunately Showbox has stopped, Get it fixed now” on your Android and get it done, for sure, by yourself.Unfortunately showbox has stopped

Showbox is one of the most popular, useful and must be app these days for smart devices. People use Showbox to watch Movies, TV shows, Music videos and much more from within the entertainment world. The app allows users to watch their favorite stuff online or Download it to their smart devices to enjoy later whenever they want, wherever they are without any need of a WiFi or internet connection.

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Happy with Showbox but suddenly got a message “Unfortunately Showbox has stopped” when opened the app after recent update 4.0.1. Nothing to worry, follow some simple steps from “Unfortunately Showbox has stopped, Get it fixed now” and fix your recent issue with showbox 4.01.

Unfortunately Showbox has stopped, Get it Fixed Now

Follow these steps or choose the options given in the end to make Showbox Live again on your Android.

  • Open “Settings” Menu of your Android device.
  • Go to “General” on the top and tap it.
  • Tap on “Application Manager” from the list.
  • Find “All Application or All” through left swipes.
  • You will find there all of your Installed Apps list. Search for “Showbox” and Tap on it.
  • Go for a tap on “Clear Cache” and “Clear data”.showbox stopped fix solution

After all these taps, move back to your home screen and Restart your device.
That’s it, it’s all done.
If, by chance, you find the above method not working on your Android, then you have to uninstall the Showbox app once and install any of the previous versions from here Showbox Apk.

Working Showbox 4.01 screenshot after fix

Fix Showbox unfortunately stopped

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