Install Popcorn time on ipad, iphone without jailbreak

Install Popcorn Time on iPad, iPhone without jailbreak using one or the other under mentioned methods and enjoy movies & TV shows on your iOS based devices. Search your desired movie or TV show by adding the name within the search bar of the app or browse quality stuff colligated under Genre or different Categories. You need a good internet or WIFI connection to watch online or downloaded it to enjoy anywhere, anytime.

Popcorn time is an entertainment app that allows you to watch movies and TV shows instantly. Watch one of your favorite movies or any episode of TV show you missed or need to stream again as many times as you want. Download Popcorn time on your iOS device, have a good internet or WiFi and start streaming your desired content via Popcorn time App that streams movies and TV shows from torrents. Once streamed, just select the movie or episode, select quality and sub-titles and click play to enjoy. It worked so simple and easy you wont believe. Experience a totally new way to watch movies or TV shows with Popcorn time.

Popcorn time iPad

With it’s simple and intuitive user interface you can blowse any movie or Tv shows just by typing the name within the search bar and Popcorn time will instantly load your desired content in no time. Or you can also blowse the content through Genre or Categories like Action, Advanture, Popular, Anime, Biography, Comedy, Drama, Crime and Fantasy etc.

Popcorn time on iOS

Popcorn time app can be downloaded on your iOS (iPad, iPhone) operating device without jailbreaking them to watch movies or TV shows instantly on iOS. You can install Popcorn time on iPad, iPhone using iOS installer by downloading the app first on your windows PC and then on your iOS or you can add the app via date change method. Given below is a complete step by step process to install Popcorn time on iPad, iPhone without jailbreak using one or the other method. For your convinience both methods have being described below.

Install Popcorn time on iPad, iPhone without jailbreak using iOS installer

Follow some simple steps to install Popcorn time on iPhone, iPad without jailbreak. You will need a windows based PC as a support within the process.

  1. Download and install iOS installer on your windows pc using iOS Installer
  2. Launch iOS installer on PC
  3. Connect your iOS device with pc via USB cablePopcorn time on iPad
  4. Press “trust” button on your iOS device’s screenPopcorn time on iPhone
  5. Turn “On airplane” mode of iOS. Enable it from settingsPopcorntime App
  6. You will see installation process in progressPopcorntime app on iPad, iphone
  7. Wait for a while until the app is installed showing success messageInstall Popcorn time app without jailbreak
  8. Open the app on your device
  9. It will prompt you with a warning, at first use, press “Trust” to move forward
  10. Enjoy your favorite Popcorn time app on your ipad or iphone.

Install Popcorn time to iPad or iPhone Via date adjust Trick

Here is the second method to install Popcorn time on ipad, iPhone without jailbreak.

  1. On your iOs device, open settings -> General -> Date & Time
  2. Turn off “Set Automatically” and change the date to September 2013
  3. Open Safari and browse the link Click here
  4. Hit the green dot to start installationPopcorntime on iOS
  5. You will be prompt with a warning message
  6. “Click install” to move forwardPopcorn time App for iphone
  7. Wait for a while until the app is installed
  8. Go to Date & Time again, enable “Set Automatically” to set back date & time
  9. Enjoy Popcorn time on your iPhone or iPad

As you have downloaded the app from outside the app store, you will be prompted with a warning message. Click on “Trust” to move forward and start streaming your favorite content on your iOS device.

Share Popcorntime on iPad, iPhone without jailbreak with friends using G+, Facebook or Twitter as a source, If you are happy with the app. Feel free to share your expericne with Popcorntime app on iOS by adding a comment below.

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