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Root checker is a simple and straightforward app designed to find out whether your android device have proper root access and Busybox installation. If you have rooted your android device but you are not sure whether the device is rooted properly or not. Then you can confirm it with just a single click with root checker app. Just download & install this app on your smartphone or tab and launch it. The app will examine your device smartly and tell you if the rooting process was done successfully or needed another attempt.

Rooting for various devices has become easier and now for rooting, you are no more required to be an android geek. With many one click rooting apps even the beginners can try rooting on their devices. However, regardless of whatever method you use there are still possibilities of failed attempts. So it is better to check either you remain successful in rooting your device or not.

Root Checker

Root Checker is simple and easy to use app. It just requires one click process to get clear results. You can get this app from Google Play store or can download Root Checker apk v5.2.2 from the link given below. But before proceeding to Root Checker apk download link, let’s discuss little more about Root Checker.

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Root Checker for Android:

The latest version of Root Checker app has been released recently with certain bug fixes and updated dialogs. The major features offered by Root Checker are:

  • Root Checker supports almost all android devices even supports the devices with the latest edition of Android OS.
  • Root Checker readily identifies root access; Once you launch the app with administrative access to your device, it readily starts digging into your device configuration and quickly informs you either your device is rooted properly or not.
  • Root Checker has made it quite easy to confirm if your device is rooted or not. Even the android beginners can easily check their device. You just have to install this app on your android device and simply launch it to test your device for root access.
  • If apps like Superuser or SuperSU are already installed and active on your android device then these apps will prompt you while launching Root Checker to accept or deny the root access request. Accept the access request so that root checker can examine your device accurately and tell you yours device root status correctly.

Root Checker apk for Android – Download links

Checking your android smartphones and tabs for root compatibility is no more a guesswork. Root Checker gives you definite root status of your device. Root Checker is a free android app that simply confirms you whether your android device is properly rooted or not. You can install this app directly from Google Play Store or can download Root Checker apk from our direct link provided below.

Direct Download Manual: Download.

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Download links to Root Explorer v5.2.2
Install from play Store Root Checker apk

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