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The Traffic Racer apk 2018 is a cool, speedy board to challenge your driving skills. It’s highly addicting and challenging enjoyment will never let you go until you need your inevitable end in a crash. Select your car and get it customized through Traffic Racer apk option. Then drive the car through highway traffic, avoiding all the vehicles, with controlled speed and skilled drive. Earn cash as reward and get the new car or upgrade the present one. Try to be one among the fastest drivers in the global leader-boards. The faster you drive the more score you get. Driving over 100 mph will let you get extra bonus or cash while over taking the vehicles more closely.

traffic racer apk screenshot

Driving in opposite direction in two-way mode will also give extra bonus. Traffic Racer apk includes five different playing modes having similar game play in all of them, as is the objective-drive well as you can, weaving through traffic until you slip up. A great thing about Traffic Racer apk is it’s online score board where one can compare best time with rivals from around the world.

Traffic Racer apk Stunning Features

  1. Traffic Racer is a thrill arcade racing with awesome features as,
  2. Amazing 3D Graphics.
  3. Smooth and realistic car handling.
  4. 27 Different cars to choose from.
  5. Detailed environments suburb, desert, snowy and city night.
  6. 5 Game modes.
  7. Endless, Two-way and time trial.
  8. Police chase.
  9. Variety of traffic including buses, trucks and SUVs.
  10. Vehicle customization through paint and wheels.
  11. Requires Android 2.3.3+.
  12. Online achievement and leader boards.

Tips to Play

Touch gas button to accelerate and break button to slow down. Tilt and touch to steer. Do not spend the cash you earned on useless stuff like new colours, wheels or environment. Instead spend them on upgrades. This will improve your car and will allow you eventually make more cash and buy better cars. In order to get BMW or Range rover, you need to have patience and skills. Play it every day you get a chance to improve your skills and one day you will be able to get the desired cars.

Now lets come to the download and see how you can get this popular game from our Free Android Apps website.

Download Traffic Racer Apk

Direct apk link: Download Traffic Racer Apk

To download from Google play store click here

The new Traffic Racer apk has now been installed in your phone. Open to play and enter the world of speed. If you need more games then please visit our games category section.

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