UC Browser HD Apk, Download Latest version For Android 2015

Download UC Browser HD Apk, latest version, from the link given and enjoy especially designed browser for big screens, UC Browser HD, on your Tablets or smartphones. Experience a fast, clean and smooth web browsing with amazing gesture controls of UC Browser HD that will truly give you the best control of your tabs just by swiping your fingers. You can easily adjust Volume, Control brightness, move forward or reverse within the video, or see previews while downloading them with a finger slide.

UC Browser Description

UC Browser is the most popular of its kind in China having more than 65.9% market share (A/C to market researcher iResearch). It’s also the No. 1 browser in India with upwards of 34% market share (as per Stat Counter). It’s available in 11 different languages (English, Russian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, etc.) and on all major mobile OS platform (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Java, Blackberry, etc.). The browser prides itself in fast pageload and economic data consumption made available by its data compression technology and a cloud system. UC Browser has over 500 million users around the globe. Source: UCWeb from Wikipedia

UC Browser HD Apk For AndroidUC Browser is a high speed internet browser that can provide you Fast and Smooth web surfing experience. The Browser uses cloud acceleration and Data compression technique and it’s servers act like a proxy which compresses the data of webpages before sending it to the users and thus makes the content loading process more faster. Websites with high content can be easily downloaded at sprint speed with UC Browser. It can adapt to different network environments and support various file format downloading. UC Browser Apk for Android is known for its speed and dependability. The Browser also delivers high-performance rendering with smooth animation capabilities for amazing visuals and excellent navigation.

UC browser HD Screenshot

UC Browser HD Apk For Android

UC Browser HD is specially designed for your big screen mobiles or tablets that are normally meant to be used with simple gestures but with UC browser HD apk, some extra features will also be included for big screen Android users. With it’s gesture controlled video player, gesture controlled browsing and more, UC Browser HD Apk free download will truly give you the best browsing experience on Android Tablet or on a Phablet along with a much faster startup than any other browser. You can control Volume, brightness, see previews or block Ads while playing the videos. Swipe fingers to Add, Close or switch tabs. UC Browser is popular for it,s fast browsing and dependability and so is UC Browser HD for big screens.

UC browser HD Controls screenshot

UC Browser HD Apk Features

  • Intuitive Gesture Control – Simple Control of your tabs, just by swiping your fingers.
  • Gesture Controlled Video Player – You can Adjust the volume, brightness and move backward or forward through the video, all with a finger slide.
  • Watch While Downloading – See video previews while they are being downloaded.
  •  Smart Downloading – Supports multi-tasking, background, and cloud downloading with auto re-connection.
  • Block Intrusive Ads – You can Block ads for a more pleasant browsing experience.
  • Incognito Browsing – Private browsing to protect your privacy.
  • Night Mode – Protect your eyes while reading in the dark with night mode feature enabled.
  • Speed Dial – Get an Access to your favorite web pages with just one touch from the home page.
  • Cloud Sync – Easy syncing of your bookmarks between various devices.


What’s New

1.Support for Android 5.0 
Fully compatible with Devices having Android 5.0 Lolipop OS.
2. New UI with More Options
Cleaner, cooler and more fluid User Interface with a pleasant look.
3. Speed Mode
Built in speed mode for Faster browsing with more traffic saved.
4. Improved Downloading
Faster and more stable downloading experience.UC browser HD Apk For Android

Download Links For UC Browser HD Apk V

You can download UC Browser HD from the Google Play store, However a direct link is also provided below for instant downloading.

Links For UC Browser HD Apk: Download Apk

UC Browser HD apk requires Android 4.0 and above and is fully compatible with Android 5.0 system. Feel free to share your experience with UC Browser HD apk by adding a comment below.

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