Vtime, The first ever virtual social network of the Future

Vtime is the first time ever, virtual social network of the future that allows you to connect with family and friends the most natural and realistic manner. Unlike other social networks where you spend most of your time with gadgets (Smartphones, Tablets or PCs), V-time is all about spending time with your loved ones. With V time, you can meet, chat and interact with friends within the most amazing and breathtaking virtual environments using your smartphone and VR head set to socialize with friends and family in a virtual reality. At the moment Vtime is out in early access for Samsung gear VR.

How to Connect With V time.

Connecting with V time is, and will, always easy. All you have to do is to download the Vtime app to your mobile, connect your VR head set to your mobile and you will be ready to meet, explore, share and enjoy in Vtime. The app allows anyone, anywhere to connect with friends and family in amazing virtual environments. Your V-time acts as a passport to drive you to incredible places where you can join friends in extremely unique way.

VTime Cracking Features.

  • Create your own Vtime avator and personalize your experience by changing the color, hair style, Eye shade, dressing or more to craft your virtual bespoke, rather using your profile photo only.


  • Choose one or the other built in virtual environments and select the location of choice to meet virtually from the ever expanding Vtime destination library. Transport yourself and friends to space stations, Deserts, Beaches, American national park, Hill stations and many other destinations and experience conversations in the virtual reality.

vtime app

vtime app

  • Make new friends with random cross match. Enter live conversations of choice or interests and instantly join the hot live discussion.
  • Make conversations more natural using the Avator expressions and lip-syncing. Natural lifelike avators with expressive animations will transform your feelings more natural making you more comfortable than words.
  • Meet people of choice at specified environment and experience a real life meeting with clients.

V-Time early access.

V-time app for early access is available from the Oculus store and will be available on other VR app stores soon as the support extends to the other head sets. At present V time early access supports the Samsung Gear VR. If you are having one of the Samsung flagship mobile device S6, S6 Edge or the Note 5 you can Vtime now.

v time

If not, open Vtime to subscribe and book your unique Username for V time and be the one among V- time pioneers. With V time, the future will be in your pocket.

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