Why Whatsapp Plus Not Working? Here Is the Answer

If today your Whatsapp Plus app suddenly stopped working and you are searching for its solution/reason then you come to the right place. We have the answer but it is unfortunately a bad news Whatsapp plus, the app we all love is shutting down.

Today Whatsapp team suddenly decided to start crack down on third-party apps which are not licensed by the original Whatsapp, and that’s why considered illegal as a result whatsapp plus is also come under attack. The developer of whatsapp plus Mounib Al Rifai announce of Google plus that the service will shut down because of the action taken by Whatsapp Inc.Rip Whatsapp Plus

Bad news

We have received a cease and desist letter from WhatsApp and we are obligated to remove all download links and unfortunately delete this community…

Am really sorry for this but it’s out of our hands and WhatsApp has pushed us into a corner that we can’t escape this time..

It was a fun ride but it has come to an end..

Deepest regards from Rafalense and me and all the whatsapp+ team for your support

We’ll keep you updated with any new developments, meanwhile comment below and share your thoughts about the closure of this amazing app, like us on Facebook.

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