Zero Launcher .Apk Download For Android

Among the crowded launcher’s market, The Zero launcher Apk for android is considered to be the fastest, extremely lighter weight and super customizable launcher that has gained much attention of android users due to it’s superb features and simplicity of use.
The Zero launcher is claimed to be the fastest as it takes only 0.2 sec to launch along with 100% memory saving. An interesting feature of zero launcher is that it launches apps, wallpapers and themes, unlike most of the other launchers that nag you with Widgets, advanced features or other boring stuff.
The zero launcher is perfect for low end android devices due to smaller in size with extreme good speed. The 1 MB size of zero launcher is enough to experience fancy 3D effects, lots of advanced free wallpapers and stunning home and lock screens.

Zero launcher Android Apk Download
The cool animation effects can be customized and changed easily in settings menu due to pretty simple UI of zero launcher. There will never be a shortage of settings that makes zero launcher enough, but it’s not overloaded.
Given below are some of the excellent features that make zero launcher a perfect choice for home screen replacement.

Some Key Features of Zero Launcher Apk for Android

  • Small 3D engine with unparalleled 3D effects.
  • Sprint launching speed of 0.2 sec.
  • Premium theme unlocked everyday for free.
  • Millions of compelling home screens.
  • Moving around Icons is super-easy.
  • Speeds-up the games and apps.
  • Clean up memory (RAM) and boost the device automatically.
  • Locate any app in fewest touches.
  • Countless stunning themes to decorate your phone.
  • Zero locker to quickly lock the phone in single touch saving the power.
  • Easy control and management of your phone.
  • HD wallpapers and icons.
  • Perfect match for Samsung Galaxy series devices.
  • Ranked in top 10 launchers in many countries

Download Zero Launcher apk for android

The Zero launcher apk for android is a free to download app that is available on Google play store. However a download link has also been provided to download the app directly. The only thing you need is to have an android device with Android 4.0 and above versions.

To Download Click on Download Zero launcher Apk, It will take you directly to the download page and start downloading.

Zero launcher comes with three customizable home screens to swipe with. These are Crystal, Cloth and classic. To get maximum from Zero launcher, you have to make it your default home screen just like other launchers.
Now you enjoy an experience of the fastest launcher with Zero launcher apk on your android device. Feel free to share your comments below.

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